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NCCCN Receives 3-Year Case Management Accreditation

North Carolina Community Care Networks (NCCCN), serving 1.4 million North Carolina Medicaid recipients, have received a 3-year accreditation in intensive case management provided to Medicaid patients from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). 

The 3-year accreditation recognizes "strong performance" of the functions outlined in NCQA's Case Management Standards as well as dedication to care coordination, patient-centeredness and continuous quality improvement.  NCQA's accreditation is the culmination of a voluntary, nearly 3-year review process for NCCCN. 

NCQA's high standards encourage Case Management organizations to continuously enhance the quality of services they deliver.  NCQA Case Management Accreditation is the only program that focuses on care transition, the management of patients moving between providers or treatment settings.  Follow link to read full story,

Community Care of the Sandhills (CCS) is one of 14 networks participating in the Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) program.  CCS is a local non-profit network serving more than 74,000 North Carolina Medicaid enrollees in Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, and Scotland counties.  The network is comprised of 300 providers in 100 Primary Care practice sites, 16 Pregnancy Medical Home sites, and includes the counties' seven hospitals, health departments, and departments of social service. 

Community Care of the Sandhills is working with its partners in a number of initiatives recognized nationally as future components of healthcare, not only for the Medicaid population but Medicare and private insurers as well.  The Patient Centered Medical Home initiative is designed to restructure medical practices allowing physicians to maximize their time and training to meet a growing volume of patients.  Teaming with state and federal agencies, CCS is working to implement electronic medical records in its practices and to promote the development of a regional health information exchange allowing patient information to follow the patient throughout the network.  Through its web-based Provider Portal, physicians can access basic information on any NC Medicaid patient minimizing duplication of services.  Through its Pregnancy Medical Home and Coordinated Care for Children programs, CCS is assisting obstetricians in high risk pregnancies and pediatricians for children with special needs.

Medical Home vs. Emergency Room

When new enrollees first sign up for Medicaid/CCS there is an opportunity for a “teachable moment” about where to go for more routine health care needs. This video is a great way to deliver the message.


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